Storm Damage Photo Gallery

When Flooding Happens in Des Moines

When massive rain storms come through the area in Des Moines, Altoona, Ankeny, Winterset or Indianola know that we are here to help you.  We are storm ready and have our equipment and crews ready all the time to be able to come in and help you clean up and dry out as quickly as possible.  We watch the weather. You can trust any SERVPRO employee nationwide that comes to help you clean up after a storm. We are trained and licensed and will do the work for the best price and stand behind the work that we do.

Dallas Iowa Roof Damage from Wind

We arrived on scene to this house in Dallas, IA that had storm damage from wind. The roof vent cap had blown off and needed to be repaired right away.  We worked very quickly to seal the roof until we could have fixed and then we were able to fix within 2 days so water or wind caused no further damage to the house. They were very thankful for our fast service.

Window and Debris From a Storm

After a storm came through and brought high winds, rain, and a tornado this shows the damage done.  A window was broken and shattered glass and insulation through out the room.  We are able to board up situations like this as well as clean up the construction materials scattered about. We want the area to be clean and safe for people to come back in and do the work to repair the area and get business back up and running.

Gym Roof Damaged By Storm

This picture shows part of a gym's roof gone after a tornado effected a school.  We are equipped to come in and clean up after an event like this as your local large loss certified response team.  We are able to clean up the debris and secure the facility from future and further damage.

Roof Damage to a School

This picture shows roof damage from a school building.  The damage to the roof then effected all the rooms and space below.  There was glass, construction materials, and wood scattered through the facility.  Contents were affected by these items as well as by a tiny bit of water.  We arrived on scene to help clean up after this event quickly.

Ceiling Damage in a School

This is ceiling damage from a school where a tornado came and effected the entire building.  Windows are boarded up and we can come in and clean up the broken glass and remove the damaged debris.  We responded to the school very quickly to get to work after the event.